6 Advanced Local SEO Techniques and digital marketing company to Supercharge Your Rankings


The internet has advice on almost everything under the sun. When it comes to SEO, there is a lot of expert advice from many blogs. Most tips sound too familiar, and many sites copy from each other. Likewise, you will also find advice from people who have little experience in the industry. If you get their advice, you could spoil your SEO efforts. So, it’s crucial to hunt for solid advice from professionals. Although it is hard, the hunt for quality advice is worth the effort.


Study Competitors for Backlink Opportunities 


When stuck in life, we naturally look at people in a similar situation. Studying competitors will lift a struggling brand from dire straits. Backlinks are harder to acquire for a local brand that has just entered the market. For instance, a brand from Delhi can’t get backlinks quite easily on their website. Perhaps they can get more links if they work with a digital marketing company in Delhi that has much experience in link building. 


When the local brand looks at competitors, they can get more insights to pitch niche bloggers in the community. The brand has to find which sources link to opponents but exclude them. Then they can analyze why they get excluded from getting links and fix the issues to pitch for backlinks. But it is crucial to consider the domain authority of the sites linking to the brand. Higher domain authority scores translate to higher rankings. So, brands should study competitors and make a list of sites they can target for backlinks. They can also outsource their work to an SEO expert in Delhi to make their link-building efforts easier.


Localize Aggressively 


Brand unity is important, but so is decentralization. Local businesses should let their stores in different locations make decisions according to conditions peculiar to the area. The brand should not try to target multiple locations on a single website. On the other hand, they should create multiple landing pages that target different areas with the help of a website design. Sometimes, creating separate websites for different regions is necessary. Each page should cover things happening in that area with local keywords. It is also crucial to work with your SEO agency to update each page with addresses and contact numbers specific to the area.


Use offline marketing to boost your digital campaigns


Local brands have a lot of opportunities to let people know about them. They can sponsor local events and donate to charities. When people attend these events, they can find the brands that sponsored them. It will bring those brands coverage, but they can direct people online to get even more traffic. Brands should ensure that the people hosting the events link their website when they make announcements. The link will stay on forever and will generate much traffic over time. Brands should also include their social media ids and website links in the banners and posters used to announce these events. 


Include keywords in the business name 


You have to study popular search terms in your area to use this technique. If you find it hard to do it yourself, get the help of an agency. When you study the popular keywords used, make a list of keywords receiving the most traffic. Then you should modify your business name to include those keywords. If you place those keywords in the business title itself, your website will show up when people search using those terms. You don’t have to change the business name in the papers and official documents. All you need is an informal business title incorporating those keywords. So, include these search terms in the title tags and headers to boost your rankings.


Include alternative names or nicknames of cities 


A city can have two or three names, besides the official name. Some people will prefer to call the city using those alternative names. They will search for products in the city using those alternative names. If you include those names in your content, these people can find your website. Also, it will break the monotony and add variety to the content. So, try to incorporate alternative city names in your content. It will help you target a wide variety of people speaking different dialects or languages. 


Stay close to the city center


Moving close to the city center might be expensive, but the benefits would outweigh the costs. There is so much competition, so Google ranks brands close to the city center. If your brand is close to the city center, you will get a lot of traffic when someone from a different city searches. The brand has to spend more on renting a space and in taxes. But they can cut down on their marketing budget, as they already receive hundreds of leads from organic SEO alone. There is also a way for businesses who can’t afford a presence in the city center to benefit from this technique. They can partner with a business close to the city center to use their address for all mail delivery. Using their address will get them a lot of traffic, and they don’t have to worry about money.




Experts know the ins and outs of the industry, so their advice works most times. But sometimes your brand could be in a unique situation where most tips won’t work. So, it is your responsibility to determine which techniques you should implement for your website. Take every piece of advice with a grain of salt and test every tip before you implement them.


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