Abtenauer is a horse breed


Abtenauer is a horse breed. Abtenauer is a breed of horse with German extraction. It is a trotter with a simple style and is very smooth and graceful in its movement. Although it’s of average size the Abtenauer is actually a draft horse and used to haul heavy loads in the mountains. Unfortunately, the Abtenauer has been a scarce breed.

Physical Characteristics

The Abtenauer is about 14.2 up to 15.1 hands tall (57-60 inches or 144-155 centimeters) The Abtenauer is petite and bulky with an elongated head. birds facts It is strong, muscular legs, and a great balance. It’s also robust, agile, and stout. This makes it appropriate for traversing mountainous, rough terrain.

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Curiously the Abtenauer hair is curly when it’s born and then sheds together with the baby hair. It can be found in a variety of shades, such as chestnut and rich brown however, there is some blacks and blue roans. Spotted Abtenauers in contrast are extremely rare; and, in general, spots are thought to be unattractive in the breed.

Personality and Temperament

The Abtenauer is gentle and hard-working, but also obedient and quiet and all of these make it a perfect draft horse. Since it’s cold-blooded it is able to Abtenauer is able to withstand extremely cold temperatures, making it ideal to haul heavy loads up the mountains. birds facts 


The Abtenauer is a horse that can be found in rough terrain and cold conditions is a tough horse that doesn’t require any special attention. Actually, Abtenauer Foals and horses are taken to the mountains in the summertime to forage. The meadows are all white and serve as their roaming area during this period. Each week, they receive salt in order to stop them from going entirely wild.

But as tough being what it is effort should be made to protect Abtenauer from extinction. Abtenauer breeds from being lost forever. Birds Of New York  In the event that it doesn’t, this robust and very useful draft horse could become only another chapter in the history of horses.

History and Background

The Abtenauer is an Austrian-bred horse that was raised and bred near Salzburg, Austria; more specifically, it was the Abtenau valley, from which it received its name. According to reports, approximately hundred Abtenauer mares were born in this valley and utilized to haul large loads across the mountains.

Abtenauer is a breed of horse that has been around for a long time. Abtenauer is also believed to be closely related to Noriker horse breed, another breed that is known in Austria The ancestors of that breed can be traced back to Greece however the Abtenauer is lighter in its build. The Abtenauer is thought to be the smallest variation from this breed.


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