An overview of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)…


Yes! Every food-related business in India, whether online or offline, must obtain an FSSAI license. The Food Standards and Safety Authority of India, or FSSAI, is the highest authority in charge of managing and supervising food safety in India. The FSSAI training partner is in charge of managing and controlling nutrition security.

It’s crucial to keep an eye on the quality of the food that’s being sold at the market. Every food manufacturer must meet food quality standards in order to protect the safety of their customers. FSSAI, or the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, is one such body that plays an important role in this cycle. The FSSAI is in charge of putting measures in place to eradicate anything poisonous or dangerous.

Why FSSAI Registration is required?

Every food business owner or operator that makes, processes, sells, or distributes food must get an FSSAI Registration or License.FSSAI License differs from FSSAI Registration in that FBO must get the appropriate registration or license based on the type and size of their operation.

FSSAI Registration Central License

Importers of food or export-oriented businesses, major manufacturers, and central government operators are all examples of companies that operate in this sector.

  • FSSAI issues central licenses to agencies, ports, and airports, among other things.
  • The Central Government has given this license.
  • If a corporation is in the food sector, it must acquire a license for the head office if it operates in many states or localities.
  • This license is only available to FBOs having a yearly turnover of Rs. 20 crore.
  • It is good for at least one year and for a period of five years.

Procedure for obtaining FSSAI Registration online

FBOs can apply for FSSAI registration on the FoSCos website by completing and submitting Form A (application for Registration) or Form B (application for State and Central License). FBOs can also register with the Department of Food and Safety by completing Form A or Form B.

During the application procedure, the documents must be submitted to the FoSCos site or physically delivered to the Food and Safety Department together with the application.

FSSAI License eligibility

Aside from small-scale businesses, all other FBOs must get an FSSAI license.

FBOs with large manufacturing units, importers, Immuno exporters, and other large-scale food businesses must apply to the central government for FSSAI registration, whereas FBOs with small to medium-sized manufacturing units, transporters, marketers, traders, and other small to medium-sized manufacturing units must apply to the state government for FSSAI registration.


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