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Today, getting a job is very difficult, with so much competition in the market having extra skills and better qualifications helps while finding a job. MBA is a post-graduate degree also known as master’s business administration imparts knowledge and skills in the field of business. MBA plays an important role in a person’s career. People with an MBA always have an advantage over people with only a graduate degree. MBA is considered the best and most popular course in the world, and there are many ways to pursue it. There are essentially 3 ways to pursue this course as Full-time course, correspondence, and distance education course. I am here to tell you about the advantages of an LPU distance education MBA over a full-time course.

A full-time course is not for everybody. Only candidates willing to go to campus every day should enroll themselves in this program.

Eligibility criteria and duration

  • MBA is a 2-year post-graduate course divided into 4 semesters. Where each semester focuses on unfamiliar concepts and subjects to give detailed knowledge and practical experience to students.
  • The candidate must have scored an aggregate of 55% in graduation while pursuing BBA or any other course.
  • The candidate must have scored the minimum marks set by the university in the entrance exam, although many distance education universities don’t require one.

Advantages of LPUdistance education MBAare as follows –

  • Lower prices- distance education courses are way cheaper than any offline course. This helps a major chunk of candidates afford good education right from their homes, as universities offering these courses provide top-quality education with the same validation in the industry. Students in this course not only save money on tuition fees but also on many other expenses that occur in the day-to-day lives of college students like transportation charges, gas money, and even on college fests.
  • Saves time – distance learning courses save a lot of time for students for whom time is the most important asset. They also provide some flexibility when it comes to lectures and submitting assignments. No more waiting at bus stands, standing in traffic, and worrying about deadlines. Through distance education, you can study whenever you want, even at midnight. Until you are in complete contact with your supervisor and meet your deadlines, you can do whatever you want.
  • Work with education- distance education is most popular among people with full-time jobs who cannot take out time to pursue a full-time MBA with their jobs. With distance education, they can just continue their jobs and study at their own convenience.


LPU distance education MBA is a great way to complete your post-graduation. In this course, candidates will be required to choose a specialization. Specialization should be chosen carefully after consideration of your future plans as you are supposed to make a career in the specialization field you chose.

Some specializations are – MBA in Finance, MBA in Marketing, MBA in Human Resource Management, MBA in International Business.


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