Healing process after tummy tuck surgery

tummy tuck

Cosmetic surgery is the branch of plastic surgery that focuses on enhancing our physical appearance. Some things happen to us from birth, some things are acquired, and some things cause physical changes as a result of our lifestyle. The procedure we use is called cosmetic surgery, and it is used to address alterations that have occurred due to any reason, in order to improve their appearance.

What is tummy tuck surgery and how does it work?

A stomach tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a significant procedure that removes extra skin and fat from the abdomen. It’s used to tense up slack muscles.

It’s a type of cosmetic surgery that improves the contour and look of the abdomen.

Abdominoplasty surgery is divided into two types: full abdominoplasty


The healing process after tummy tuck surgery

A belly tuck normally takes a long time to recover from. The recuperation procedure is sensitive and time-consuming due to the comprehensive nature of the surgery. Following are some steps to remember during the rehabilitation process:

To remove extra fluid or blood, the surgeon may place drains under the skin. Depending on the type of work they do, patients can return to work after four to six weeks. The time required is increased in the case of a workload that needs a lot of physical exertion.

Overall, the best outcome for maintaining healing results is to take complete care during the recovery process.

What are the risks of having a tummy tuck?

Seroma, or fluid collection, is one of the most common side effects following abdominoplasty or stomach tuck surgery.

After surgery, your belly will be bloated for about a week.

In the patients, tissue damage might be seen.

Tummy tuck surgery costs in India,

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