How long do you need to organize a contest on social media


The length of your online games will, in part, depend on the frequency at which you conduct contests. As a guideline, Society biscayne  the most compelling battles can last between 25 and 60 days. But, the typical social media contest lasts around seven days.

One reason is that many brands opt to use contests to promote their brand as a frequently used instrument. A majority of brands decide to hold a giveaway every month. 29% of companies have get many Facebook likes uk not more than once a month but at least once yearly. For these companies, a brief event makes sense.

If you have one or two contests in a year, running a longer duration for your game is sensible. This will allow your program to have the space it requires to create excitement.

Practical social media contest ideas

Here are some fantastic contests for social media separated by the channel they’re best suited to.

Facebook contest concepts

Facebook content performs best when it contains video or images. However, unlike social networks, Facebook is still heavily dependent on text. This means that challenges based on text work well on Facebook.

An excellent example of a text-based contest is a fill-in-the-blank challenge. In this challenge, you write the sentence and then leave an open space for the participants to write in. For instance, a fill-in-the-blank challenge could include a phrase such as: “One thing I’m looking forward to this summer is _______.”

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A Facebook wordplay contest is another fun one. You could ask your friends to count the number of words they can create using only the letters of your brand’s name. It could be interesting to determine who has the most compelling poem using your brand’s reputation and each line of the verse beginning with a letter different from the brand’s name.

Instagram contest ideas

Instagram is a social media platform that focuses on images, even though it sometimes pairs pictures with lengthy captions. Therefore, it’s not surprising that some of the most straight contests that can be organized on Instagram are based on images.

One of the always fun challenges is uploading an image without explanation and asking contestants to think of humorous captions. The contest’s winner is the one who has the most creative caption for their appearance within the time your deadline expires.

Another fantastic Instagram contest idea is asking participants to take a photo of themselves in your product, then awarding those with the most intriguing photograph. This contest concept has added benefits of creating many usable images of your product that can be reused for future marketing efforts.

Pinterest contest ideas for

Pinterest is different because it functions half as a social media platform and the other half as a search engine. This is why organizing a formal event on Pinterest is not easy. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the platform if you’ve got a fantastic contest concept.

One of the most popular Pinterest competitions can be “pin it to win it.”

Through this contest, you’ll share an assortment of photos, and those who wish to enter the competition must share their top image. This works because it’s pretty simple to keep track of who is pinning your pictures and make your image visible on more Pinterest boards. It’s possible to improve your “pin it to win it” format more attractive by encouraging users to create distinctive Pinterest boards that focus on topics relevant to your brand.

Feedback contests are also a good idea on Pinterest. It involves posting an image of the product you sell and an exciting survey question. Participants participate in the contest by responding to the question with authentic feedback regarding your company or product. It’s an excellent way of conducting a contest and getting customer feedback.

Twitter contest concepts

Twitter thrives with text that is short-form The best contests on Twitter consist of short fragments of text.

Another option is to hold an online competition on trivia Twitter.

The game can be played over days, and every get many Facebook followers uk your company posts may be a trivia-related question. If trivia is challenging enough, then the winner(s) will be the ones who have the best answers. If you can answer more trivia questions, you could choose to take anyone who completed an amount of questions right and then enter their names into a draw.

Another possible alternative to a Twitter contest would be to make an online Scavenger Hunt, using Twitter postings as clues.

The first person who can figure out the clues and then return on your behalf with all the correct answers will be declared the competition’s winner. It can be a fun way to introduce a brand new product, particularly when each set of clues leads users to a specific word, and the words spell the names of the brand new product you’re planning to introduce.


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