Influencer Marketing Platform: A Complete Beginner’s Guide


So, you want to work with influencers to help your company grow. That’s fantastic!

On Instagram, branded content receives an average of 2-3 percent interaction, but influencer-generated material receives 5.7 percent or higher. So, it’s a no-brainer to use influencer marketing.

Some firms start their hunt for Instagram influencers using an Excel sheet and the Instagram search box. However, going through hashtag after hashtag may take hours, and there’s no assurance that a DIY method would lead to great influencers.

Even if you identify the ideal influencer, you won’t be able to contact them on the spur of the moment. You’ll need to build a trusting connection with that influencer, which will take time (which you most likely don’t have).

If you need to move quickly, a Pinterest influencer marketing platform is the way to go for your next campaign.

What role do influencer marketing platforms play in your company?

Are you unsure if using an influencer marketing platform is a good idea? For a hands-off, get-it-done campaign, we understand the desire to go with a fast database or an agency.

However, neither of these solutions is beneficial to your company.

That’s entirely possible with Doyourthng, which also provides you with other perks such as:

  • Legitimate influencers: They are not having it with the databases’ unscrupulous practices. They individually screen every influencer in our network since it is an invite-only event.
  • There are no expenses to sign up, search for influencers, or launch a campaign. That’s why influencer marketing platforms are so beneficial: you only pay when you decide to collaborate with an influencer.
  • Setup is simple: Simply establish a free account, specify your requirements, and influencers will begin applying to work with you.

Instagram influencer marketing platform links you with influencers who are interested in partnering with your company. The best part is that the reputable platforms screen and qualify these influencers for you, guaranteeing that you obtain results.

With an influencer marketing platform like Doyourthng, you can partner with influencers at the speed of light.

Time is saved by using an influencer marketing platform

We’re all occupied. One of the major advantages of employing a Pinterest influencer marketing platform is this.

Instead of using spreadsheets and Google searches, you may do all of your research and execution in one location. You may browse through millions of influencers using influencer marketing tools. We take the guesswork out of finding out who is talking about important subjects on Doyourthng. You may search for people who are enthusiastic about your product based on their interests and keywords.

Influencer marketing tools take the guesswork out of seeing outcomes and calculating ROI. You can quickly assess what’s working and what’s not by automatically gathering data from social media networks. No more relying on third parties to track impressions, interactions, and other metrics that matter to your marketing strategy.

Regardless of whether you want mega-, macro-, or micro-influencers in your marketing plan, an Instagram influencer marketing platform will already know how to discover them. This saves time and effort when it comes to identifying the proper people to collaborate with. According to research, 55% of marketers still manage their influencer initiatives by hand. Using an influencer marketing tool might help you save a lot of time.


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