Spouse visa extension application 2021

Spouse visa

The spouse visa is granted for a period of 2 years and 9 months. Upon its expiry the applicant must renew its spouse visa.

Appendix FM of the immigration rules allow you to cater spouse visa application guidelines. It’s important to consult immigration solicitors before you begin applying for a spouse visa extension.

Spouse visa extension

The prerequisites for additional leave to stay in the UK as a companion are comprehensively as old as that apply to introductory applications in the spouse visa class. In any case, you should ensure that your application fulfills the relationship, monetary, convenience, and migration status necessities once more. A more significant level of English language necessity will likewise apply.

Once you have the leave to remain in the UK as a spouse you can apply for a spouse visa extension.

When should I begin application

Section 3C of immigration Act 1971, clearly states that if you have not renewed your sponsor licence then your leave will not be extended.

It is appropriate to apply for sponsor licence extension at least 28 days before the current licence expiry date.

Process for the application

The application process is quite similar to the one you followed during spouse visa entry clearance application.

You need to make an online application with relevant documents.You need to undergo biometric screening and passport scanning.

You will have to then wait before you receive the decision from the UK Home office.

Financial requirements

Just like the spouse visa entry clearance application you need to meet the financial requirements for extension application. You need to showcase at least £18,600 per year of income and some additional charges if you have children.

If you are only showing your savings then a minimum amount of £62,500 is required.

English language requirements

You need to provide A2 level of English language proficiency as per CEFR standards in the UK.

List of supporting documents

The documents you must send in support of your application

  1. Proof of your age
  2. Proof of your relationship to be genuine and subsisting
  3. You have an adequate accommodation for yourself and your family
  4. You are able to stay in the UK without seeking UK public funds
  5. You can present the proof of A2 level English proficiency
  6. You must present the evidence that since the time of your entry clearance you have stayed with your partner.

How to make a successful application?

A successful application is a result of complete and clear guidance that you have. YOu must seek support from legal advisors such as A Y & J Solicitors to be able to make a successful application.

Their bespoke services have helped many clients like yourself with successful spouse visa applications


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