Tips to Set Up a New Smartphone


How do you set up your new smartphone in Australia? In the past, it was difficult to buy high-quality mobile phones that were compatible with Australian carriers, but today there are so many unlocked smartphones that are perfect for use with any provider. Whether you’re after an Apple iPhone, a Xiaomi mobile phone, or any of the other popular brands available from HTC mobile, it’s easy to buy your new phone from your computer and have it arrive at your door before you know it! Here are five tips to help you with setting up your new smartphone in Australia.

1) Research all your options

There are lots of good reasons to buy an unlocked phone, but if you go with an online mobile store in Australia, there’s one big reason not to: It’s harder for consumers. If you want an unlocked Apple iPhone, for example, you’ll have fewer choices than if you buy your phone from Lenovo mobile phones. And even after making a decision about which phone you want and which carrier(s) offer it on contract terms that work best for your needs, buying online can still be more complicated than buying from a store.

2) Get a plan

One of your priorities when getting a new smartphone should be getting yourself some kind of plan. If you’re bringing your old phone across to your new provider, you won’t need one—but if you’re buying a brand-new handset, check out your local providers for great value plans. Even if you don’t think you need data right now, it can be useful to have just so that you can set up mobile internet on your device as soon as it arrives.

3) Pick the right phone

Asking what’s best will get you nowhere fast. Instead, ask yourself what features are essential and which ones aren’t. The sony mobile phone in Australia has fantastic wireless charging and wide-angle selfies, but if those don’t matter much to you, then save some cash and go with a top-rated phone like Apple iPhone or one plus mobile phone. Once you know what features are important, your next step is picking a mobile store that sells what you want.

4) Add all your apps

This is one of those things we don’t often think about, but one that can take an enormous amount of time if you’re not organized. This should be done before you switch from your old phone. First, add all your apps—or at least as many as possible—to your new device by signing into your Google Play or Apple ID account, depending on what operating system you use.

5) Learn how to use it

The most daunting thing about using a new smartphone is learning how to use it. Luckily, there are several things you can do before and after you set up your new device that will help speed up that process significantly. Before you even pick up your new phone, head over to its online mobile store in Australia and read all of its details carefully—don’t rely on others to explain something that you should already understand!


When you’re purchasing a smartphone, consider an unlocked phone. This means that your device will not be tied to any one mobile carrier and can easily be used on whichever provider best suits your needs. If you want to set up a service with a new provider but don’t want to purchase another phone or tablet, consider bringing your existing equipment into one of their stores. This process is called porting and should only take ten minutes or so.


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