What is Oxford Pillowcase and why it is different from others?


There is no doubt that pillows play a significant role in our daily lives and in the design of our homes. After a long day at work, The Elser miami it’s nice to curl up on a soft and padded cushion, and a few bright squares on the couch will break up the monotony of the room.

Nevertheless, in order to lengthen their service life, as well as protect themselves from microscopic linen mites, who can begin even in the most immaculate homes, it is important to place pillowcases on pillows.

In order to make the cushion look bigger and more sumptuous, a wide flat border is added around the whole circumference of the Oxford pillowcase. Using a transparent pillowcase with an opposite-colored pillowcase creates an eye-catching contrast that can’t be achieved with any other material.

What is this?

A pillowcase is, in truth, just a simple cover for your head. Affluent merchants and townspeople were the only ones who could afford to sleep on a particular mattress, blankets, and pillows. Downy duvets packed with bird feathers or dried herbs were difficult to clean, thus special bedding developed in the lives of the wealthy, which was expensive and created to order.

Because of advances in technology, new machinery was developed that made the manufacturing of textiles much more efficient and affordable. As a result, pillowcases first emerged in urban homes in the late 18th century and have been there ever since.

While modern bed linens haven’t changed all that much from a century ago, the variety of pillows and the accompanying pillowcases has grown.

What kind of pillowcase is an Oxford one?

You can easily spot an Oxford pillowcase by inspecting the wide-stitched hem that surrounds the border. Oxford pillowcases are so popular because of their exquisite bordering, which creates the illusion of a larger, fluffier pillow – especially when paired with a little padding!

In terms of Oxford pillowcases, there are two types: genuine Oxford and fake Oxford. While a real Oxford pillowcase would have well-defined corners, a fake Oxford pillowcase will be adorned with ornate frills, which is the most noticeable difference.

What is the difference between a Housewife and an Oxford pillowcase?

It’s important to note that the two types of pillowcases, Oxford and Housewife, differ greatly in terms of appearance. Although both Oxford and Housewife pillowcases may be used as decorative accents in the bedroom, Oxford Pillowcase is more likely to be employed to elevate the look of your bed linens.

However, with an Oxford pillowcase, the luxury is in the fabric border, while the conventional Housewife pillowcase offers plenty of opportunities for you to add your own style and flair through patterns or colour selections.

The Oxford pillowcases are also perfect for toss pillows because they are the more conventionally ornamental of the two. This indicates that silk, satin, or a velvet mix is most likely to be used in their construction. As a result, even our Housewife pillowcases are produced to the greatest possible level by our luxury bedding experts.


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