What steps have you taken to ensure the security of your Tally data?


Losing the information or data you’ve been saving on Tally for a long time will be a disaster. There’s still a chance you’ll be able to recover all of your data if you’ve taken precautions to protect and secure your personal data beforehand.

Tally ERP is quickly becoming the most significant data source for every company or organization. As a result, it implements high-security procedures to protect your data.

How does Tally keep your data safe?

  • Every tally user should understand how the software manages and protects their data. Encrypted transmission, application access, secure storage, and networking are just a few of the ways that keep your Tally data security.
  • The software ensures that information is encrypted and decompressed while transferring between different versions of Tally. It achieves the goal with its triple data encryption technique.
  • After a user requests a network service, the software opens a network. The software ensures that no other entity, system, or software can access your network port.
  • Tally ERP 9 data is encrypted and kept on disc using the Tally vault, along with the transferred data.

Easy way to access your Tally data securely

Tally provides a comprehensive security framework for user data authorization, authentication, and secrecy. The following are the primary safeguards provided by Tally for data security that you should be taken care of:

  • Activate tally vault: A tally vault is a system that keeps and protects your data by encrypting it with a password that only you may enter, edit, or modify.
  • Security levels: This is a valuable security feature that allows you to choose between two options: owner entry and data entry. The owner’s entry gives them access to all of the software’s capabilities except tally audit and business management. Data entry is restricted according to the administrator’s requirements. This assures that users do not interfere with other tasks when using tally remote access.
  • Tally audit: A tally audit is performed on data stored in Tally by recording changes that may influence the authenticity of amendments made in data, ledger, amount, etc.
  • Data Backup: The Tally server allows you to create a Tally backup of your data, which you can use to restore any lost data.

How Tally hosted on the Cloud help to access Tally Data effortlessly and securely?

Tally, the most extensively used accounting and basic inventory management software, is accessible on all devices except Macintosh. However, there are various tried and true techniques for running Tally on Mac, including dual-booting, virtualization, cross-platform tools, and Tally on Cloud.

Tally cloud service is the smartest technology permitting you to execute Tally from other cloud servers. It allows you to access Tally from any operating system in a simple, efficient, cost-effective, and secure manner. Tally license and data are installed on a secure cloud platform throughout this step. Tally can be accessed via a remote desktop (RDP) client on any computer or operating system.


With so many security features to choose from, make sure you use the finest to keep your tally data safe from being hacked or lost. For hosting Tally on Cloud visit Tallycloudhub today.


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